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Add New Public Art Profile via Back End Dashboard

To create a new public art profile, log into your Admin Dashboard and hover over the Public Art link in the left sidebar. Click on the Add link to open up a new Public Art form.

Filling Out the Form

Fill out the form with the name of the artwork, a brief description, dimensions, date created, and public art category (right column).

Add the address/location of the artwork including the latitude and longitude. Use the drag and drop map marker to identify the exact Latitude and longitude location of the piece. (ex. a piece in the middle of a field.) the map can be zoomed in for more accurate placement.

Add the public art medium from the right column check boxes. If the medium is not listed, you can add it to the open field in the ‘More Info’ section. Next, upload an image of the artwork and any gallery images.

To upload an image, click on the Set Featured Image link; this will open up the Media Library. You can upload an image from your computer using the Upload Files tab or use an existing image from your Media Library. Next, click the button Set Featured Image at the bottom right to confirm your selection and close the Media Library window.

The Public Art module is an add-on. If you would like to add this module to your site, please contact us for pricing.

Questions or suggestions? Contact: networksupport@artsopolis.com

Updated on September 8, 2020

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