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Adding Business Profiles

What’s Nearby Map Example

Business Directory Example

Business profiles start out as Organization profiles. Not all organization profiles would be appropriate for the Business Directory on your site, so we leave it up to the site administrator to make that determination, not the the front end user. This means that if you are having businesses fill out their own information, they will need to do that in the organization profile form. After this happens, there will be another step the site admin will need to perform on the admin version of the profile, to make sure the business shows up in the directory and on the ‘What’s Nearby’ maps on event listing detail pages. There is no front end form specifically for business submissions.

Setting Up a Business Profile: Front End User to Site Admin

Here’s the process…A user submits their organization profile via their front end user dashboard, beginning with the profile, then adding photos* and videos, and/or audio. Please note, some site’s forms include photos, videos and audio submissions all within the profile form. *We strongly recommend requiring primary photos for organizations and businesses.

The administrator reviews the profile to determine if it’s appropriate to include in the Business Directory.

  • If it is, the admin selects the “Is Business” check box.
  • If the business is ALSO a restaurant, the admin selects the “Restaurant” check box as well.
  • If the admin want this profile to only display in the Business Directory and NOT in the Organization Directory, they ALSO need to select the “Do not display in main directory listings page” check box under Display.
  • If the admin want this profile to NOT display on the Cultural Asset Map, they ALSO need to select the “Do not display on Cultural Asset Map” check box under Display.

Once the administrator has checked to make sure all the necessary content in the organization profile has been completed, Select the blue ‘Publish’ button. This action, with the Business checkboxes selected, will release the rest of the Business Module fields. They will appear at the bottom of the organization form.

Full form, with business listing information fields.

Once approved for the Business Directory (via the admin form), the profile will be available in the Businesses tab on the left sidebar. HOWEVER, we advise you to edit or update a business profile’s description, address, contact information, in the original Organization profile, that will also contain the business profile details, and save your changes.

This whole process can happen without a front end submission. As the administrator, you can build the listings yourself, just remember to begin any business listing as an organization profile, and you’ll be set!

Questions or suggestions? Contact: networksupport@artsopolis.com

Updated on November 26, 2021

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