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Adding Homepage Spotlights (Alternate & Small Alternate)

There are two types of custom homepage spotlights:

  1. Alternate spotlight –  spans the width of your browser window and requires an image size of 3200 x 850 pixels.
  2. Small alternate spotlight – spans the width of the body of the site and requires an image size of 2048 x 850 pixels.

The type of spotlight you have on your homepage is determined by your selection in Theme Options on the Home Content tab.


To upload an alternate or small alternate spotlight image to your homepage, please follow the instructions below:

Step 1:

Click on the Home Spotlights link in the left sidebar to open up the Spotlights listing page.

To add a new spotlight, click the Add button at the top.


Step 2:

Type the name or title of the spotlight.


If you want the spotlight to include a title and brief description overlay like the example below, add your copy to the Description field. This action triggers the overlay.


If you do not want the overlay to appear, leave the description field blank.

Link – If you want your spotlight to link to a specific page or website, add the URL to the Link field. If you want the link to open a new browser window or tab, select the Open New Page check box.

Date Range – You can set a start date and end date for your spotlights. If you want the spotlight to display immediately but come down at a later date, there is no need to enter a start date but you will need to add an end date.

Step 3.

From the right sidebar, click on the Set Featured Image link to upload a spotlight image. This will open up the Media LibraryRemember, your spotlight image needs to be 2048 x 850 to display correctly.

Scroll back to the top and click the Publish button.

Step 4.

Go back to the Home Spotlights page and click on the Refresh Homepage Slider button to clear the cache and set the new spotlight in rotation.


Setting the Spotlight Rotation Order

There are two ways to set the rotation order for your homepage sliders. You can either use the Drag-and-Drop functionality or the Quick Edit link.

To re-order your spotlight sliders using drag-and-drop, simply hover over the spotlight listing, press and hold down the button on your mouse to ‘grab’ the listing. Drag it to the desired position, up or down, then ‘drop’ the listing by releasing the button on your mouse.

To set the rotation order of your homepage spotlights, simply hover over the Name of your spotlight and click on the Quick Edit link. This will release the Quick Edit menu. Just type in the rotation number in the Order field and click the blue Update button.


Questions or suggestions? Contact: networksupport@artsopolis.com

Updated on February 26, 2020

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