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There will be times when you need to associate a specific user account with multiple orgs, venues, artists, and educators (if you have Education module installed on your site). To do this, we created the Agency Tool.

Setting Up An Agency Account

To set up an Agency Account you must first set up a user account for the agent. See how to Create A New User Account. Remember to keep the agent’s role set to Subscriber.

Next, you need to set up the Agency Account. To do that, simply go to the “Agency” tab on the left sidebar in the admin control panel. If you do not have an Agency tab on your left sidebar, please contact us so we can add it to your dashboard.

Click Add New link or button. A New Agency Form will display. Fill out the name of the Agency – this can be the name of the agency or the name of the agent. The rest of the fields are optional but it’s best to include the agent’s email address.

Next, you’ll need to select the profiles the agency will be managing. For our example below, we are using Educators.

Simply search for the Educator profile using the ‘search by name’ field and then check the profile check box. Repeat this step to tag the next Educator.

Once you have selected all the Educators your Agency is going to manage, we need to associate them with the new agency user account you created.

Search from the new user account (by username) using the ‘search by name’ field under the User header and check the profile check box. Then click the Add New button in the lower right corner.

You’re all set! Just forward the Agency or Agent’s new username and password. When they log into the front end User Dashboard they will see an Agency tab.

When the agent clicks on the Agency tab, it will display the Educator sub-tab.

The Agent clicks on the Educator sub-tab to reveal the Educator drop menu. Select the Educator profile from the list and click the Update Educator button to access and update that profile.

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Updated on August 8, 2019

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