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Creating a Static Page/Post with Elementor

Elementor is the leading WordPress ‘drag & drop’ block editor and their Pro version is available on every site in our Network. We are going to walk through some of the most useful how-to pages in the Elementor Help Center, but feel free to explore other articles. One of the reasons they are the leading editor is that their Help Center has an answer to pretty much any question!

How to create a new page and open it in Elementor

A quick reference about creating a new WordPress page on your site and opening it in the Elementor editor:

Create a new page

Edit the page

This is an in depth explanation of how to build a page in Elementor. Any questions you may have regarding basic page building will be in this article:

Build Your First Page

Elementor pages have a nesting structure. Sections are the outermost block structure, Columns divide up Sections, and Widgets can be placed in the columns. You change these structures through their editing Handles.

Editing Options

Once a Widget, Column or Section has been added to the page, an editing options window will open in the left hand menu that offers a lot of customizations options. These pages help explain what many of those options do.

Section Overview (Editing Options)

Column Overview (Editing Options)

Elementor Editor Struture and Layout

View how responsive pages are – as you build!

Learn how to monitor how the page you are building looks like multiple views and make structure decisions based on those various views, right from within the Elementor editor,

Responsive Page/Mobile View Editing

Adding Templates

One of the very helpful things offered by Elementor Pro is use of template blocks and pages that can serve as inspiration or structure for your page. You can customize them, remove sections, add widgets, the possibilities are endless. Think of the templates as a jumping off point that can save you effort and time.

Adding Templates or Blocks to your page

Watch this hugely helpful video, that explains the template library but also how to save a page you’ve built to your library so you can use it again on another page in the future.

Watch Tutorial Video on the Template Library

Done Building? Publish, Save as a Draft

Depending on where you’ve gotten to with your page, you may want to pursue one of the two options below:

Publish or Save as a Draft

Have a different or more specific question than what we have addressed here? We encourage you to type the keyword of what you would like help with into the Elementor Help Center – they probably have the answer!

Questions or suggestions? Contact: networksupport@artsopolis.com

Updated on May 23, 2023

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