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Event Calendar WordPress Plugin

The Artsopolis Calendar plugin provides a searchable calendar of events for Network member content syndication partners with WordPress sites. However, you can also use the Artsopolis Calendar on your own network site in lieu of Theme pages when theme pages don’t meet your needs.

For instructions on installing the Artsopolis Calendar plugin, please go to: https://support.artsopolis.com/knowledge-base/installing-the-event-calendar-wp-plugin/

2020 Plugin updates:

  • Search option to filter events by venue
  • Option to turn on/off tile view hover effect
  • ‘View All Events’ button redirects
  • Option to set a default category on the main landing page (i.e. show only ‘music’ events first)
  • Modified ‘Search’ button behavior so user can select multiple options before results start to display
  • Removed date search fields from ‘calendar month’ view

Example: JazzBoston Events Calendar powered by ArtsBoston.com

Again, to use this plugin solution the partner’ website must be on WordPress.

List view

Tile view

Month view

More examples:

Examples of the plugin added to Network sites:

Updated on May 21, 2020

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