Event Status Overview

Events on your site can have one of a number of statuses. These are the 6 statuses that you’ll see throughout the admin dashboard. You’ll see them in many different areas of your site, including as filters on top of the Events screen:

ALL – The combined list of Published, Pending, and Unconfirmed events. The total number of “All” events should equal the combined total of these three segments.

Published – Events that have been published (approved) and are now visible on the public facing website.

Pending – Events that have been submitted for review/approval, but not yet published. The Pending events list does NOT include any events that have been set to “draft” mode.

Unconfirmed – Events that have been submitted through “Step 2” or the “Preview” step, but the user did NOT click the final “Submit” button. Events with the “Unconfirmed” status should be reviewed for accuracy and the user’s intent to submit the event for review and approval.

Drafts – Events that have been saved in “Draft” mode are held for further review prior to publishing or deleting. Events in draft mode are NOT visible on the public facing website. There are two types of draft events:

  1. Those marked “Draft” by the website’s administrator or content manager.
  2. Those marked “Draft” by a front end user via the event submission form.

In the “Drafts” list the two types noted above will display one of the following labels appended to the end of the event title:


Once a front end user completes and submits, their draft event it will move from the Draft listing to the Pending listing. The website’s administrator or content manager can also change a front end user’s event from “Draft” to any other display mode.

Private – Events that have been published, but marked as “Private” do not display on the public facing website, but are available for inclusion in content syndication feeds. Events can only be marked as “Private” by the website’s administrator or content manager.

Review Edit – Events that have been edited by a front end user. Events that appear in the Review Edit section are still available online and do NOT need to be re-published. To remove an event from the Review Edit list simply click the blue “Reviewed” button from within the event’s admin form. The button appears on the right near the “Copy Event” and “Publish/Update” buttons.

Trash – Events that have been deleted and are currently waiting final removal in the “Trash” list. Administrators or content managers have the option to restore a trashed event or ’empty the trash’ to delete it permanently. Events may be restored or permanently deleted in bulk, as well as individually.

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Updated on January 31, 2019

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