Theme Options

Theme Options is a custom admin page. It allows administrators to change theme settings without modifying theme files or touching any code. Theme options should be used with caution. It contains design and site configuration information for your header, footer, homepage and more so tread lightly and contact us with any questions.

Site Config

This tab is used for managing site configuration aspects of your site such as Google Analytics, SEO settings, display settings and other general settings for your search and your event, org, venue, artists, and classified pages.


This tab should be used with caution. It is used for managing the primary color of your site as well as the CSS override code we use for customizing design aspects of your site.

Global Content

This tab is used for managing the header and footer content of your site. It contains HTML code so proceed with caution.

Home Content

This tab is used for managing the layout of the homepage including the spotlight type, the featured events, the featured stories module, and content fields for above and below the featured events area.

Email Engine

This tab is used for managing the various automated email templates your site uses to send alerts to users and administrators. Email templates include notifications for registration, confirmation, forgot password, notice of password change, new events, edited events and rejected events. To review these templates, please click here.


To add or deselect cities and zips from your site, follow these steps:

  1. Log into the back end and go to Appearance > Theme Options.
  2. Select the “Territory” tab. You should then see a list of states and the currently selected cities and zips.
  3. REQUIRED: Before making ANY changes, click the Save Options button first.
  4. Select the “View/Edit Cities/Zips button just under the State list.
  5. Once the city/zip list menu opens scroll down to the city/zip(s) you’d like to add, check those boxes (both the city and any associated zips), and then click “Save Options” at the bottom of the Territory form.

Note: Our city/zip database contains cities recognized by the US Post Office but sometimes unincorporated areas, villages, and townships are not included. If you don’t see the city or zip listed, contact us and we will manually add it to the database.

You can also use the steps above to deselect a zip or city, though remember that if you do deselect a city/zip, any org or venue profile with that city/zip will no longer display a map. That also means any event associated with a venue that no longer displays a map will not have a map display on the event detail page.


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Updated on July 31, 2019

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