Setting Up a Business Profile

Business profiles start out as Organization profiles. Not all organization profiles would be appropriate for the Business Directory so we leave it to the site admin to make that determination, not the the front end user.

Here’s the process…

  1. A user submits their organization profile via their front end dashboard.
  2. The administrator reviews their profile to determine if it’s appropriate to include in the Business Directory.
    1. If it is, the admin selects the “Is Business” check box.
    2. If the business is ALSO a restaurant, the admin selects the “Restaurant” check box as well.
    3. If the admin want this profile to only display in the Business Directory and NOT the Organization Directory, they ALSO need to select the “Do not display in main directory” check box under Display.
  3. Once approved for the Business Directory (via the admin form), the profile will be available in the Businesses tab on the left sidebar.
    The administrator should then open that org’s business profile and select any addition Business category types.

To edit or update a business profile’s description, address, contact information, you need to go back to the original Organization profile and save your changes.

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Updated on October 11, 2018

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