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Copy-to-Child Site Plugin

Our Copy-to-MiniSite Plugin allows you to copy over events, orgs, venues, and artist profiles to your child site; this is called a parent to mini-site relationship.

First, the parent site serves as the gateway or ‘flagship’ for all event entries. Events that show up on the child site typically fall into the same categories on the parent site. However, this is not a ‘technical’ requirement. Technically you could copy any event from any category to the child site.  

The function that allows you to copy an event from the parent site to the child site (or mini-site) is very simple. In the upper right section of the event admin form there is a box that reads “Copy to mini-site”. All you need to do is for any event you would like to appear on the child site you simply check this box and then click the blue “Publish” or “Update” button.

Quick Note: The button will read “Publish” if the event is being approved for the very first time. It will read “Update” if it has already been approved.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To avoid confusion, there is also a blue Copy Event button that appears just above the Publish/Update button. This copy button makes a duplicate of the event within the same website and does not copy anything to the child site. The purpose of this copy button is we often have content managers who are entering a whole season of events where the info is pretty much the same for all the events except perhaps title and dates. In that case it’s much easier to duplicate an existing event and then make a few small edits to the duplicate, rather than post a whole new event from scratch. Anyway, just didn’t want you to be confused by seeing both ‘copy to mini site’ and ‘copy’ options within the same area of the event admin form.  

Events that are copied to the ‘child site’ do NOT need to be re-approved. They are already ‘pre-approved’ and will automatically show up on the event list.

Questions or suggestions? Contact: networksupport@artsopolis.com

Updated on June 8, 2023

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